Holy Stairs & Polish Cimitery

The Holy Stairs (1941) 'La Scala Santa' is a long stairs that links Loreto's station to the city centre. Since the beginning of the 50s it was used by pilgrims that arrived in Loreto by train to reach the centre on foot. Not only is the Scala Santa a short way to get to the centre, but it is also used as "devotional path" : all along the way we find a series of bronze plaques (by Guarino Roscioli ) representing the mysteries of the Rosary.


The Polish Cemetery, situated on a side of the Scala Santa, can be considered to be the most important WWII memorial monument in Loreto. In the cemetery there are 1,112 tombs of Polish soldiers that died fighting against the Nazis during the Second World War for defending Loreto. The history tells that the Polish Army Corps (160,000 Polish prisoners from the ex Soviet Union) , lead by the General Wladystaw Anders, was authorised to form an anti-Nazi army. They left Russia and went to Persia and Palestine; they also contributed to the Italian cause under the title of Second Army Corps in the VIII British Army. During Ancona's Battle, the Polish Corps Army fought together with the Liberation Italian Army (Corpo Armato di di Liberazione ) lead by General Umili and other formations.

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Loretoin the Conero Riviera
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