Conero Riviera


Sirolo is a white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that's have been awarded the European Blue Flag and the Legambiente Sails.
We suggest you stroll along the beautiful beaches of the “Due Sorelle”, “San Michele” and “Spiaggia Urbani” beaches, where the white rocks of Monte Conero plunge into the sea, giving shape to bays and coves..

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Marcelli di Numana

Marcelli è una piccola frazione a pochi minuti da Numana. Una località completamente pianeggiante che costeggia il mare del Conero ha fatto di questa località un centro vocato al turismo balneare.
L'ampio lungomare collegato con il corso cittadino e le ampie spiagge in ghiaia con alto fondale sono il tratto distintivo di Marcelli...

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Since ancient times Ancona has been a hub for commercial activities and still remains an important crossroad for trade. Thanks to its elbow shape facing the sea, Ancona is the only city in Italy where it is possible to see both sunrise and sunset over the sea. 
From the magnificent “San Ciriaco” Cathedral, set on...

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Portonovo is a bay which is completely immersed in the surrounding Conero National Park, nestled in the slopes of Monte Conero, and covered by typical local vegetation. The bay, made of gravel and rocky sand, alternates stretches of...

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Porto Recanati

Porto Recanati is a quiet and welcoming beach resort, ideal for families to spend a relaxing holiday.
Fully-equipped wide sandy beaches, a traffic-free seafront and local colorful houses make this fishing town truly unique. Walking through the streets and alleys of Porto Recanati you can...

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Numana: awarded the European Blue Flag for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and unique scenary, Numana is one of the most beautiful towns of the Conero Riviera. It can be said that Numana has two souls...

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Porto Potenza

Potenza Picena combines town and country, past and present, art and culture, farming and tourism.
The ancient upper city of Monte Santo offers a unique cultural-historical itinerary thanks to churches and historic buildings which host Italian Baroque works of art by important...

loreto skyline
Loretoin the Conero Riviera
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