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Loreto is a town in the province of Ancona (region Le Marche) on the central-east coast of Italy. It is located on a 127 metre-high hill (above sea level) between the valleys of Potenza and Musone and dominates the Adriatic coast. Loreto is a small jewel of the Marche, its dimension reaches barely 17 square Km and its population is about 12,ooo people. The town did not exist prior to the arrival of the Holy House on the hill: Loreto, as town, grew up after the building of its church and it throved around it. Inside the Basilica we find the Nazarene Holy House, where the Virgin Mary was born and lived and where She received the Annunciation. The House consists of 3 walls ; the 4th wall was never there as the house was built in front of a cave dug in the rock, which we find today in the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

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Loretoin the Conero Riviera
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